Taking a bit of a break for now. Loads of shit going on. See you in a bit x

I’m on a horse.
And his name was Cas

I’m on a horse.

And his name was Cas

Immunity to Memory

This much needed beer is numbing the night

Blunting the blade stuck in my cerebellum

I was cleaning out old boxes earlier

Binning my old hoarding habit

What once seemed so valuable

Is now kindling for the fire

I burn memories to keep me warm

To give this new form the strength of immunity

Amists this therapeutic practice

I stumbled on a photo of her

It hit me

But not in the way it used to

I was hit with the reaction that I should have a reaction

But like a prod to a healed scar

It failed to draw blood

I remembered how I would of reacted

Then carried on with who I am now 

The Hunger of Distance

The distance has pushed me into starvation

Every passing minute increases the pump of blood in these veins

From the heart to all and a certain extremity

The thoughts of your silhouetted form against the street light outside increasing each beat and pump

You’re almost uncaring and infinitely comfortable  lack of clothes bring a smile to my face 

Enough to barely keep my hunger at bay until I see you once more

Until I can quench that hunger

Claim it for my own

Bury my face in your form and taste the sweet sweat of passionate reunions

I mean to make a believer of you when I return

To hear your voice call to any heavens that are present at the time

And in a moment

We will blur into a blissful ignorance to the world outside

And my heart

My mind

My blood 

Will once more be


Late Nights

The music comforts me this night

Their vocals bleed into me and I absorb their hate

It sinks through the air and into my finger tips

And I type that blood upon these keys

The work redeems my psyche from torment

Neurons and synapses ordered into correct motion

Time off is detrimental to me

Just as sleep is punishable by over thinking

The song reaches it’s crescendo 

The words reach their end

I will be gone soon 

But when I return the work will continue

Praise the lord


My last day of teaching about a month ago. 

As you could see I was bloody tired by the end of that placement. 

Reblogging as motivation to get a haircut and shave 


I pound the keyboard as my mind looses all functionality 

Praying silently that something coherent will emerge

Bury me in my books which are strewn across the land

Find me hidden in old photos reliving what is lost in moments

Feel my heart beat in backwards succession calling up the ghosts of old to haunt my current state

Let them flow through me and wash me away from consciousness 

Carry me now my dead

Through from these caticlisms and break my bones upon the jagged earth beneath

And when my bones have ceased to be I will be awake in total and complete nothingness


I would speak but I do not know how it would come out

I am now a mixture of sick



In tears

Teterring on the edge of a knife

I do not know the bubble in my stomach which is about to burst


Picture of me at my favourite band’s last gig. Going to miss my mohawk 

Me about a year ago. I miss that shit. 


Picture of me at my favourite band’s last gig. Going to miss my mohawk 

Me about a year ago. I miss that shit. 

My poems

Most if not all of my poems are always unfin….


I like to think we all have our demons inside

To picture that everyone has imagined gutting someone like a fish

Bashing their brains on the concrete

Breaking arms and feeling the shock of shattered cartilage rush up through their body to yours like a painful electric current passing on only the knowledge that it has hurt the sufferer not the dealer

At least if I picture this

It makes me feel like less of a psycho


Tonight I will go out for one

But I hope that it will be continuous 

I hope to replace my blood with alcohol

To loose myself in a drunken stupor

Fall from the bridge and lie comatose in a ditch 

Escape this shite hole and wake in a dream

Floating softly through the brushes I won’t feel until morning

I want to close my eyes and feel the world spinning around me

As I am the center of this spinning top

It all revolving around me as it damn well should

And when I open my eyes again

I’ll be with her

Any her’ll do in my current cunty frame of mine

I got boredInspired by http://lokiable.deviantart.com/ 

I got bored

Inspired by http://lokiable.deviantart.com/ 

Ah, a racist, homophobic, sexist, piece of shit reblogged one of my poems. This one’s for you. YOU’RE A FUCKING PIECE OF SEMI DIGESTED SHIT

Physicality is a speed bump

The room is the color of the liquid I crave now

Physicality is slowing my pace

Like a clamp on my mind sleep is taking over

I feel like I’m bleeding out onto the keyboard

Longing to get these thoughts out before the end

Before the lies of slumber take me

And my subconscious dazzles me with his salesmanship

Showing me the glow of trinkets that are dark upon waking